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Service User and Carer Partnership Research and Development Group

Contact details 

Dr. Philip John Tyson, Academic Subject Lead Psychology and Counselling, Academic Faculty and School or Department  Sport, Health and Applied Social Sciences,  University of South Wales, Caerleon Campus, Lodge Road, Caerleon, NP18 3QT. Email: philip.tyson@newport.ac.uk, Telephone: 01633 435269.


Mr Harold Toone, Chair of the SUCP RDG, Email: safeman5@aol.com 

Group Membership

The RDG seeks to build a partnership of members with differing experiences and perspectives of mental health services, including service users and carers, academics, representatives from the mental health voluntary sector, statutory LHB and Local Authority mental health services and Involving People.  Our initial aim for 2012 is to build this partnership in south east Wales so we have an active “hub” in this area.  Then, in 2013 our aim will be to increase interest in the RDG across Wales and to establish additional hubs in north and in south west Wales.

Group Membership

SUCP RDG Membership List

Purpose of Group 

Our overall aim is to significantly increase the opportunities in Wales for service users and carers to be involved in writing research funding applications and undertaking mental health research, whether this is research prioritised by mental health organisations or research that service users and carers themselves see as a priority.

We have three key objectives to achieve this aim:

  • Developing a Partnership – We will develop the RDG into an all Wales structure, with regional partnerships in which service users and carers are fully involved and are supported to undertake research in partnership with academics and other researchers.  We are committed to an open and inclusive approach to such partnership and are clear that, as developing this partnership will be something of a new departure for us, the process itself should be influenced by feedback (external comment) and reflection (internal consideration) with the aim of developing a best practice model.
  • Building Capacity – We will recruit service users and carers into these partnerships and support them to build their skills to undertake research through training, mentoring and encouragement to take on work at levels they are comfortable with.  By building capacity in this way, we will also empower service users and carers to further their own recovery.
  • Delivering Research – We will support RDG members to undertake research whether this research is led by other RDGs within the MHRNC, is commissioned by external bodies, or generated from within the RDG.

Summary of Activity, Meetings and Events

Whilst the RDG has been in existence for 3 years, we are currently in the process of re-launching it and have a clear plan to build our membership across the whole of Wales.  Our action plan includes the following key steps:

to continue rebuilding the South East Hub, in the Gwent (Aneurin Bevan), Cwm Taf (RCT and Merthyr Tydfil), and Cardiff and Vale LHB areas, so that we have a solid base for an active partnership between service users and carers, and academics

  • with the support of Involving People, to build the confidence and skills of service users and carers to  undertake research,
  • to systematically record and analyse the measures and actions we take in order to increase our learning about genuine partnership and involvement in mental health research, and use that learning to propose a model for the future.

 We welcome the involvement of anyone with similar aims and look forward to arranging events with information about the progress we have made.


Members of the RDG have had a range of papers published about service user and carer involvement in mental health research and these include the following. Similarly members have delivered a number of conference presentations on this subject. Please click on the link below to see the Service User and Carer Partnership RDG publications.

Service User and Carer Partnership RDG Publications

Involve Winter Newsletter

The INVOLVE Winter newsletter is now available to download from the INVOLVE website: www.invo.org.uk/posttypenewsletter/winter-2013-14/ 

(The SUCPRDG have written an article on, 'You've done the research - now what?' Authors, Service User and Carer Partnership RDG. The article appears on pages 10 and 11).