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Service User Projects

19 Dec 2013 Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Lights camera action.JPGEvery year Hafal supports service users and carers to undertake their own campaign as a means of improving mental health and social care services. In 2013 it joined forces with Bipolar UK and the Mental Health Foundation to run a project to mobilise service users and carers in Wales to get the best results from the new Mental Health Measure and Mental Health Strategy – both individually in their own lives and collectively in order to work with the NHS, social services and Welsh Government (and all the other agencies who can assist people with serious mental illness to sustain the modernisation and improvement of services.

The Lights, Camera, ACTION Campaign was a huge success engaging thousands of people from across the 22 counties of Wales including:

  • The 2000 members of Hafal and Bipolar UK
  • Over 3000 service users and carers using Hafal and Bipolar UK
  • Over 5000 people who followed and interacted with the campaign via Hafal’s online social media channels (including 0ver 2000 new followers of the campaign on Hafal’s Facebook platform
  • The 40,000 people who received a copy of the Care and Treatment Planning guide (provided on request to service users, carers and professionals)
  • The 7,000 carers who have received a copy of the “Ten Point Plan” for carers
  • Many thousands who saw coverage of the campaign in the local and national media.

The results indicated that 73% of people who used secondary mental health services said they had a Care and Treatment Plan while 27% reported that they did not. Of those who did have a Care and Treatment Plan they were asked to rate the quality of the plan using a 1 to 10 scale with 10 representing the highest possible quality. The average reported score was 6.9.

The main report findings from the year long project can be accessed at: http://www.hafal.org/hafal/pdf/LCA%20Report%20web.pdf

The report consolidates feedback which highlighted the importance and value people attribute to Care and Treatment Plans. However, the quality of these plans varies across Wales: some people reported that Care and Treatment Plans are not always focused on achieving short and long-term goals. Although many people spoke about the importance of having safe and secure accommodation, better education/training opportunities and more employment or volunteering opportunities it was suggested that these are not always sufficiently reflected as outcomes or goals in people’s Care and Treatment Plans.

A number of films were made which reflect people’s views and the main project findings. For example, Sarah’s film reports on the topic of volunteering, e.g. “It’s given me the biggest boost since coming into the system ... it’s very empowering, a very positive experience!” And, on the topic of further education in later life Paul’s film reflects how important it when you are ill to “... keep your brain active to have a happy life.”



Contact: Christine Wilson

Member of the Service User and Carer Partnership Research Development Group Senior Consultant at Hafal

Email: christine.wilson@hafal.org