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Poster Competition 2013

Annual Conference

“Mental health in troubled times...”

7 March 2013



 Submission of abstracts

Please read the following guidelines and submit your abstract by e-mail.  The closing date for receipt of submissions is Friday 8 February 2013.  You will receive email notification of whether your abstract has been accepted. All authors will receive written feedback on their submissions prior to the date of the conference. This will enable authors of successful abstracts to edit their work before presentation and publication. Please note that successful authors will be required to register for the conference in order to present their work.


The abstract can cover topics on any aspect of psychological medicine or mental health.

 Abstracts must be:

  • Typed, no smaller than 10pt
  • Single spaced
  • No more than 250 words

 Do not include:

  • References
  • Illustrations

 Please note:  Biographical and identifying data should appear on a covering page only, so that all work is blinded to reviewers. 

Structure of the abstract (Download New Research Ideas form here)

The abstract should include the following information: proposed title; your research idea; the proposed methods of data collection and analysis; anticipated outcomes; details of potential funding sources; and, relevance of your research idea to health and social care policy/practice.

Structure of the abstract (Download Research Findings form here)

It is usually best to start with a brief introduction explaining the background and previous work in the area, followed by your research question or objectives and a description of the methods used for your study.  This should then be followed by your results.  After the results, try to acknowledge the limitations of your study.  Conclusions and recommendations should be last, and should be based entirely on results presented in the abstract. 


Winners from MHRN-C Annual Conference 2013





 If you have any queries please contact Serge Engamba on 01792 606464 or at S.AmbaaEngamba@Swansea.ac.uk  or Jo White on 01792 602881 or at j.white@swansea.ac.uk