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Eating Disorders

Contact Details:

Convenor: Dr. Jacinta Tan, Clinical Associate Professor, Third Floor, ILS 2, College of Medicine, Swansea University, Singleton Park,  Swansea SA2 8PP.

E-mail: j.o.a.tan@swansea.ac.uk

Purpose of group:

Eating disorders present a major challenge to healthcare services as there can be serious physical sequelae, psychiatric co-morbidity, and high mortality. Furthermore, many sufferers resist treatment and healthcare professionals can find them challenging to treat. The Framework for Wales 2009 sets out a tiered model of consistent service delivery across Wales for patients with an eating disorder, utilising primary care and general mental health resources supported by specialist eating disorder teams without inpatient facilities. The effectiveness of this novel framework needs to be considered in the wider context of ethical, legal, professional and education/training implications for eating disorder treatment.

This research group will seek to develop collaborative interdisciplinary research proposals for eating disorders in Wales with particular focus in the following areas:

  1. Health service research – the provision and delivery of healthcare services for the treatment of eating disorders in Wales
  2. Clinical effectiveness – the clinical effectiveness of these treatments
  3. Ethics and law – the ethical and legal issues of treatment of eating disorders
  4. Professionalism – how professional behaviours and attitudes impact on the care and treatment of patients with eating disorders
  5. Healthcare professional education – issues of education and skills development at undergraduate and postgraduate level

Multidisciplinary membership of the RDG will include academics, clinicians, voluntary sector organisations, service users and carers. The NIHR, Wellcome Trust and MRC already fund research in eating disorders. There is a clear need for improvement of services and examination of ethical and legal aspects and professional behaviours and attitudes. We hope that a link will be forged with the equivalent Scottish MHRN group. These collaborations in developing large scale, pragmatic research for the improvement of patient care will increase the likelihood of future funding.

Group Membership

Eating Disorders Members List

Summary of activity:

The Eating Disorders RDG has just been set up in June 2012. Discussions have begun with the leads of the NHS Tier 2 and 3 teams across Wales regarding how the RDG can help stimulate both large collaborative research projects and smaller scale research projects at the local level.

Meetings and events:

The first meeting of the RDG is being planned to take place in South Wales in October 2012.