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Conference Theme 2013


 “Mental health and well-being in times of trouble…”

Thoughts on the Conference Theme 2013

In the face of economic, environmental and social upheaval how can we expect to meet the increased demand on, and stresses faced by,  individuals, families and communities.

This conference will present ideas and practical examples of how users and professionals can join together to weather the current turbulence, through their interpersonal and community support  networks.

Central to the theme is the creation and operation of services, in whatever sector, that can meet the needs of individuals, families and communities.

Questions that arise:

Will the times of trouble lead to Increased life events leading to increased stress reactions and  to an increased  risk of long-term illness? What can be done to intervene early and effectively?

Can primary care really fulfil the aims of the Mental Health Measure Wales?

Will the times of trouble lead to an increase in the rates of self harm or suicide, as it did in Northern Ireland? National help line calls are on the increase in England and Wales- BMJ.

What mechanisms can be put into place to support  hard pressed workers in all sectors to prevent burn out, illness or relapse?

Should social inclusion and recovery efforts always be aimed at mainstreaming for people and/or how far should peer support enterprises be considered an appropriate  form of social inclusion, and if so for whom and under what circumstances?

Examples will be presented from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, of enterprises aimed to address some or all of these questions.


Richard Warner : Is Mainstreaming Always the Answer? The Importance of Service-User Mutual Support

Rachel  PerkinsJudi Chamberlin’s “On Our Own”

San Leonard: The role of Inclusive Enterprise, Supporting Mental Wellbeing for all

 Professor Peter Huxley