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Portfolio FAQs

What is the MHRNC Portfolio?

Our portofolio of studies helps support us in our aim to support high quality research in the field of mental health in Wales. We have strong links with both the NISCHR CRC and NIHR portfolio and can assist with the process of acquiring Clinical Studies Officer support for a study.

How do I get my study on to the MHRNC Portfolio?

You will need to complete and submit an MHRN-C study feasibility form. Please try and complete all fields as accurate as possible. Once completed this should be submitted with a copy of the study protocol to the MHRN-C Coordinator, Email address: H.Daniels@swansea.ac.uk

What Happens Next?

The Portfolio and Adoptions researcher will check the application for any missing information and anomalies, and once happy forward the completed application and protocol to the Portfolio Adoptions panel. The panel will assess the suitability of the study for the portfolio using a pre-defined scoring system.

The panel will have two weeks to decide whether the study will be adopted. During this time if there are any queries or further information is required, this will be streamlined through the Portfolio and Adoptions Researcher.

After two weeks the study Chief Investigator or Co-ordinator will receive a formal response from the Study Adoptions panel. This will be via a letter authorised by the network Director. We will request to see further documents in support of the study including any consent forms, patient information leaflets, clarification of Ethics approval and confirmation of sponsorship.

Once received the Potfolio and Adoptions Researcher will add the study to the MHRN-C portfolio and generate a project reference number. If eligible the study will also be added to the NISCHR CRC and NIHR portfolios. This process may take several days.

Will my Study be Eligible for the MHRN-C Portfolio?

A study will be eligible for the MHRN-C portfolio if it meets the criteria set out below:

Any structured research activity where mental health is either the primary or secondary topic of interest. Studies eligible for the MHRN-C portfolio should involve face to face contact with NHS patients, social care service users or people involved with their care. Studies must be led from and/or recruiting participants from Wales. All studies must already have research funding before they can be included in the Portfolio. Research Costs cannot be provided by the network. 

In some cases we can co-adopt studies that have their primary site in another UK country (England, Scotland) where a site has also been identified in Wales.

What studies aren't eligible for the portfolio?

The following types of study are not eligible for inclusion in the MHRN-C Portfolio:

  • audit,
  • needs assessments,
  • quality improvement projects,
  • directly commissioned studies,
  • secondary research such as systematic reviews,
  • purely laboratory based studies,
  • routine biobanking of samples would not be eligible but a hypothesis based sample collection would be if appropriately peer reviewed and funded,
  • own account funded studies,
  • studies closed to recruitment.

If you have any further queries regarding recruitment, please direct these to the MHRN-C Coordinator Helen Daniels, email: H.Daniels@swansea.ac.uk

To download this information, please select this link:

Portfolio FAQ's